This is brandnew stuff once again. I felt hot and wanted to enjoy some cocks outdoors, but you know it's winter and it's cold and so I placed my plans on hold, maybe to next April or May, until my husband came up with a nice idea: What about driving to a rest area, staying inside the heated car and enjoying cocks through the car windows and doors? Perfect plan! So, next day I drove to a nearby highway rest area. A place that is known as a dogging spot for truckers and travellers. It was years ago since I last visited that place and wanted to check out whether it is still a good place or not. Well, it is! While hubby stayed at home (he had a bad cold), I had some big fun with several strangers in my car. I placed two cams in my car, one on the passenger seat, one at the windshield. They recorded everything I did that night, and it was a lot.



First part of kinky me getting cum drenched by over 15 strangers in the public park. Great outdoor session shot at a good dogging spot, where I was blindfolded and once I started fooling around several guys came closer to see what's going on there. My husband told them I'm a dirty slut which is in need for cock and cum. The first guy fed me with his load and many others followed this afternoon. I was a true public cum station for every stranger who came by accidentally. I felt so horny, a great outdoor session! High risk outdoor action, since all this was filmed in a public park with the permanent risk of getting 'caught' by someone who don't want us to play there. The police for example :-)



First of two chapters of the public gangbang at the beach of a lake. Hubby and me were lying at a nudist beach when he began to fuck me. Some guys seemed to be curious and watched us fucking. A couple of minutes Steve invited them to join the party. And that's what they did. During the next 2 hours the crowd got bigger and bigger. I started fucking with 3 guys and one hour later a huge crowd of more than 15 guys was surrounding me, fucking me and using me as their public cum station. This is - like any other movie on my site - true reality porn. It's not staged!



Yes it's true. This is totally brandnew. By the time I'm writing these words it's been just 3 days ago since this was filmed (filmed in March 2014). It's me having some dogging fun at a highway rest area once again. Movie starts with me showing off in and out of my car. You can see some people walking by. Later I have to let my bladder loose, right there at the passenger door. Now I'm starting opening my legs in the trunk. And as the night cums and it's getting darker and darker, some guys starting fucked and creaming me. Got a nice thick creampie this time. Hell, I love dogging and getting fucked in public!



My husband has filmed this movie last summer during our vacation at the ocean beach. This beach has some great dunes only a few steps away from the water. We have been lying there every afternoon and of course we've played a lot together. One afternoon a guy surprised me as I just played with my pussy, and my husband invited him to use me. Encouraged by this hot action three more guys approached, wanking their cocks, and Hubby invited them too. Now a great spontaneous gangbang started, with a bunch of guys taking turn on me and giving me some sloppy creampies. Awesome! Again, this is not staged, it's true reality porn with strangers using me.



Carpark gangbang with lots of strangers. Steve and me drove to a public highway rest stop. This rest stop is well known as a good dogging spot for swingers, the perfect place for a slut like me. I felt very naughty that weekend, I was in need for some cock and cum. Once arrived at the rest stop my husband starting filming me sucking him off. A few minutes later, as I realised the several strangers watching us, I walked into the bushes. Some guys followed us. And that was the start of some great public fun, with 6 men using me, fucking me, creaming me, right there inside the bushes. There are even some pee scenes in this video. This was a great dogging day! Full movie comes in two chapters with a total duration of 40 minutes.









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